Project Management

Keep track of your project performance, and make adjustments
when things don't go according to plan

Schedule Projects

Easily schedule out who is working on your project and see when you need to hire.

Track Project Phases and Milestones

Let everyone see important upcoming milestones, and what phase of a project is under way.

Tentative Projects

Create tentative projects and see how they will impact your workload and financials if you win the project. Quickly adjust to see when is the right time to start a new project.

Project KPIs

Track your project budget KPIs as you plan your work, and see if you're on track or falling behind.

Project Performance

View the performance of your projects, and see if or when you are going to miss your budget or margin.

Variance Charts

See the difference between your plans and reality, in dollars or hours.

Project Tags

Tag your projects and then search and filter on them at any time.

Project Types

Choose from Time and Materials or Fixed Priced Projects and have all your metrics update accordingly (Retainers and more coming soon).

Project Reports

View detailed and customizable reports on all your projects, with monthly forecasts, running totals, and performance metrics.

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