People Management

Plan your perfect schedule, manage everyone's time, and see when you need to hire

Insights Into All Your Staff

View deep insights into every staff member - from their earnings, capacity, utilization, and more.

Quickly Find People

Search by name, role, team, location, tags, and more.

People Utilization

View the percentage of a person's time that has been assigned, and how much is billable, non-billable in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

People Capacity

View how many hours each person has available on any given day.

Find Missing Timesheets

Quickly view all your staff's timesheet entries, and identify anyone who hasn't entered their latest timesheets.

People Costs

Add costs to each role, and then customize further by adding costs to each person individually. Know the exact profitability of projects based on who does the work.

Filter People by Role, Tags, and Teams

Make planning easier by filtering the planner to view just the people in a specific role, team, or with a certain tag.

People Reports

View detailed overview reports for each person - all filterable, searchable, and customizable. Export to CSV for even more options.

Time Off and Leave

Create leave within Runn, and see how it will impact your assignments and projects.

Timesheet Integrations and Importing

Use one of our existing integrations, or integrate directly with our API. You can manage your time tracking anywhere and bring it into Runn. Or use Runn's inbuilt timesheets. The choice is yours.

Roles and Tags for Everyone

Assign one or multiple roles to people and tag them with locations, skills, and more.


Add people to teams, so you can quickly search and filter them. Even add an entire team to a project in one go.

Part-Time Workers

Add part-time people and automatically have Runn plan only the days that are available.

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