Exporting & Importing

Export all your data and import data from external sources.
Runn always ensures you are in control of your data.

Export Your Data to CSV

Export your raw data to CSV for reporting and billing purposes, or simply to keep your own personal backup.

Full API

Our REST API allows you to integration Runn with any service you'd like, or to get out data for custom reports. Using the swagger spec with full documentation available.

Export Reports to CSV

All reports can be customized and exported straight into CSV for even greater analytics.

Bulk Editing of Data

Edit multiple people or projects at the same time. Reduce hassle, save time.

Import Data From CSV

Already have a CSV of your projects and teams? Import directly from CSV.

Import From Our Integrations

Using WorkflowMax, Clockify or Harvest? Import all your data with the click of a button.

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