Clarity and confidence
All the features you need to drive schedules, resources
and financials with ease.

Built for the realities of project-based business.
Beautifully easy planning
Effortlessly schedule your projects and people
Project budgets keep money and time on track
Quickly balance workload with on-the-fly booking
Placeholder to indicate demand for a role before you know who will be able to fill it
Manage people's time off with no surprises
Milestones for critical deliverables and events
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Time Tracking
Keep track of time spent by each person on all projects and how it changed from your plans
Tentative Work
Plan tentative work alongside your confirmed projects
Group people into delivery teams for easier planning and assignments
Know your business
Quickly understand what's driving your bottom line
The right performance measures at every level - agency, client, project, person
Full suite of management reporting for visibility across your business.
Know which roles are the most in-demand
and when it is time to hire.
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Sell smarter
By spotting gaps in utilization well
ahead of time
Client overview
Manage your accounts and get a quick overview of key financial metrics
Impact analysis
Winning new work - what does that big account mean for the company?
Custom rate cards
Set your agency's standard billing rates or manage special situations
Separate when you’re charging clients directly or not.
Control what your team can do and see in Runn with granular access controls

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Smart resource and capacity planning