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Resource Scheduling

Runn was built from the ground up with Resource and Scheduling in mind. It's built to be fast, friendly and efficient.
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Project Planning

Runn allow you to manage both time and money on over different project types. With predictive insights on all your financial metrics.
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Capacity Management

Runn focuses on how to get the most from your team. Easily see what people are working on, how many hours free they have, costs and more.
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Project Forecasting

Deep analytics into the financial performance of all your projects. Create different rate cards, project types, and keep in full control of your budget.
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Simple and easy to use timesheets, that know the your plans and alert you when time is missing or someone worked different hours than scheduled.
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Runn was built with reporting in mind. Analytics are spread across the app where ever you need them most with a deep and customisable reporting is section.
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API & Integrations

Runn's API allows you to integrate with all other tools you use, or you can use one of our pre-built integrations
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Export & Import

Runn allows you to export all your data and reports. Keeping you in control of your data.
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