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Shannon Toe

5 Kantata Alternatives for Resource Planning & Forecasting

Overwhelmed by Kantata's functionality? Consider niche alternatives that resolve an immediate problem with resource planning.

Kantata is a big player in the resource management game. But as the proverb goes, good things come in small packages. Although Kantata offers a wide variety of features, that also happens to be one of the biggest frustrations for its users, as you have to pay for something you won't be using.

Fortunately, there are lots of more targeted alternatives to replace Kantata before your organization has grown the need to use it. We're going to walk you through the best ones.

Why consider Kantata alternatives

When working with Kantata, it's not uncommon to feel like you are paying for a lot of the things that are not in use at all. And there's a simple explanation for that.

Kantata (which is a merger between Kimble PSA and Mavenlink) presents you with functionality that has been on the resource planning market for a relatively long time. It has had enough time to evolve, expand, and grow vertically but not always horizontally. In other words, Kantata can solve many problems, but sometimes you just need something that is more niche and solves the immediate problems of your organization. A situation where you use everything you pay for.

When you're looking for a platform to solve your needs related to resourcing and forecasting, there are a lot of better options purpose-built for the need.

Here are some Kantata frustrations users shared on Capterra:

I think the learning curve can be pretty steep. I attribute this lack of intuition to the robust nature of the service, but it could do with a revamp of the UI/UX. I also dislike the format of the resource management. There are currently two ways to manage resources: Master Planning and Resource Planner. The two work together but are also very separate features. The entire resource management system could use an overhaul to reduce confusion and to make resource changes easier. — Danielle, Management Consultant.
So many features. I don't use all of them. They add on cool features... but want you to pay for them. — Anonymous user.
Too many features feel incomplete. The invoicing, estimates, and user permissions are convoluted and lacking enough that our company cannot use them. Resource Management requires duplicate entry of information between planned and scheduled times. It should be easier to link the two together and plan around exceptions. — Michael, Project Manager.

So if you feel like Kantata is not for you — you want something easier and purpose-built — here are 5 top options you need to consider first to see what is better tailored to your organization's needs.

1) Runn - For consulting and IT services

resource management for professional service businesses

Runn is built for businesses that trade in professional services. If you are in IT or consulting, this is just the right pick for you. With a focus on resource planning and forecasting, it streamlines processes and enhances efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Resource scheduling - Find the perfect fit for each task from a centralized resource pool with comprehensive details on roles, skills, seniority, availability, and more.
  2. Resource utilization - Gain complete visibility into resource availability, capacity, and utilization to ensure a well-balanced workload and minimize delays.
  3. Effortless resource allocation - Drag-and-drop functionality enables quick and efficient assignment of resources to projects.
  4. Accurate resource forecasting - Real-time insights into the capacity for current and future projects, allowing confident decision-making for business growth.
  5. Scenario planning - Test various 'what if' scenarios to understand their impact on capacity and profitability.
  6. Enhanced project forecasts - Leverage past resourcing data to build more accurate schedules, budgets, and client quotes, optimizing profitability.

All in all, Runn serves as the ultimate solution for confident resource management and everything that comes with it.

2) Forecast App - For Creative Agencies

resource scheduling in project management tool

With the Forecast App, you're in the creative industry realm. This AI-driven solution promises to help you streamline work, resources and financials in one easy-to-use platform.

One of the standout features is the ability to automatically match people to projects based on project plans, resource availability, and skills. Its AI-driven functionality takes the guesswork out of resource allocation, ensuring that the right individuals are assigned to the appropriate tasks, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the system alerts you if it detects signs of overutilization. This allows you to identify potential bottlenecks early on, empowering you to take action, such as recruiting new resources or redistributing workloads, to maintain a healthy balance and prevent burnout.

With its advanced resource planning and forecasting functionality, Forecast App equips creative agencies with the tools they need to optimize resource allocation, streamline project management, and drive successful outcomes.

3) Wrike - Versatile & Industry Agnostic

task management in complex projects

Wrike has no favourites, it adjusts to the needs of most industries and stands out as a highly popular project management software that brings teams together, enabling seamless resource sharing, collaboration, and project tracking all in one place.

With Wrike, you can swiftly organize tasks through team collaboration and manage multiple projects efficiently, thanks to its user-friendly interface and convenient one-click Gantt charts.

Among its array of valuable features, Wrike offers customizable workflows, forms, and team dashboards, streamlining processes to fit your specific needs. It also allows you to allocate resources to specific tasks or projects, ensuring that the right people with the necessary skills are assigned to the right job. By visualizing resource availability and capacity in real time, you can make informed decisions.

And when it comes to forecasting, the tool enables you to project future resource needs based on current project data. This helps you make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation, allowing you to confidently take on additional work or adjust resources as needed.

Wrike caters to mid-sized businesses and enterprises, offering scalability and adaptability.

4) Float - For better calendar management

kantata alternative for resource management

Float is an excellent option for managing calendars and schedules effectively.

It offers similar features to Runn but is specifically designed for smaller teams, especially those in the creative industry. While Runn can accommodate organizations of 500+, Float caters to businesses with 5 to 500 resources. However, some customers have mentioned that Float can become a bit cumbersome when dealing with larger teams.

Float provides simple yet robust resource scheduling tools, allowing small businesses to quickly schedule tasks while having a real-time view of resource availability. With a glance, you can assess your team's capacity and utilization to optimize work assignments. Unlike Runn, Float doesn't have built-in project planning capabilities, but it does integrate seamlessly with project planning tools.

The slightly reduced functionality of Float is reflected in its pricing, which happens to be slightly more affordable compared to Runn.

5) Mosaic - For Automated Processes

resource and project management tool

Mosaic is AI-powered, that's one of the first things that make a convincing case for its value proposition.

What sets Mosaic apart is its utilization of AI technology to streamline the resource planning process. By analyzing project plans, resource availability, and skills, Mosaic's AI can automatically match the right people to the appropriate projects. This AI-driven capability saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual resource assignment.

Additionally, Mosaic's AI leverages data from timesheets to predict the estimated duration of future projects. Based on resource availability, it suggests new project schedules that optimize resource allocation and ensure efficient project management.

Mosaic enhances resource planning and forecasting, simplifies project scheduling, and provides valuable insights to optimize resource allocation for improved project outcomes.

Wrapping up

The key to successful project outcomes is focus. You need to build the right plan, find the right people, and get your hands on the right tool to guide you through the process.

If you are a professional services firm, Runn might be the right spot for you! Take it for a spin today, free of charge!

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