People. Projects. Profits.

All beautifully in sync
Navigate planning, tracking, and forecasting in real-time

Delivering projects

Real-time scheduling and capacity planning
Beautiful shared view across all your projects
Track actual time and money vs budget

Running the business

Real-time financial forecasting
Manage costs, margins and business risk
Make the right decisions and grow with confidence
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Make great plans

Schedule people and projects in real-time and know your plans will keep up with reality. Learn more about Resource Management.

Manage workload

Plan your team's capacity and effectively
distribute work across your team.
See the gaps and know when to hire.
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Know your business

Which roles are most profitable?
What are the hidden costs of that project?
Instantly drill into the numbers that matter.
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Predict the future

Confident forecasting is the key to
sustainable workloads, higher margins,
and hiring for fit. Runn makes it easy.
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Integrate your tools

Runn has a full API available for building custom integrations, as well as standard integrations with tools such as Harvest, WorkflowMax, Clockify and more.
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run your entire business

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Smart resource and capacity planning