Software Developers
(Canada / US Timezones)

Key Details

Intermediate / Senior / Senior II / Staff (Level Guide)
$93,000 / $118,500 / $143,000 / $169,500 CAD (Global Pay)
Remote, Canada / US Timezones (UTC-3 to UTC-10), any country within this timezone. 
No candidates living outside these timezones will be considered.
4 days / 32 hours a week
Fully funded home office + 20 days annual leave + 20 days sick leave/carer's leave + health insurance + more
Rolling Close Date:
Role is now closed.
Team size:
16 software engineers
Company Vision:
A world where neither time nor talent is wasted
Core Product:
Project and resource management software, enabling businesses to match their employees' skills, talents and hours with the right projects to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.

Our Technology & Attitude

Runn is built using a modern development stack: React, Node, GraphQL, Postgres, tested with Cypress and Vitest, deployed via GitHub Actions to Heroku.

Our developers are involved in the entire product life cycle. We aren't just full stack, we are product stack. That means you'll be involved from the idea stage, into design, then development, testing, deployment and support. Our engineers are passionate about what they are building, and the technology they can employ to build it.

You MUST have experience with KnockoutJS and include this in your cover letter or your cover letter will be rejected.


  • Runn is building a company based on values: adventure, transparency, beauty, excellence, honesty, integrity, talent, care, collaboration and diversity.
  • We have open and transparent salaries, which are set globally for all our staff including company wide pay rises.
  • Strong benefits package, including 4-day work week, 20 days annual leave, 20 days sick leave, access to extended unpaid leave and more.
  • Fully remote team across every timezone. Work at the time that suits you in the location that suits you. We are fully async and have few regular meetings.
  • Fully paid for home office setup - laptop, monitors, desk, chair, and anything else you need.
  • Yearly in-person catch-ups and remote events
  • Advance your skills, learn new techniques, and be surrounded by a talented and supportive team.
  • Thrive as you help us build a high-growth company to improve the work lives of thousands of people.
  • A low stress, high performing work environment, no burn out, and no unpaid overtime.
  • View more about Runn on our careers page.

Who are we looking for?

Runn is currently hiring Intermediate, Senior and Staff engineers in US Timezones (UTC-3 to UTC-10). This includes Canada, USA, Central America and South America.

This role is fully remote and we are looking for people who prefer an async remote work culture and have a comfortable place to set up a home office.

Engineering is a high performing team, that work across the entire stack and across different areas. We rotate teams every 8 weeks, giving people opportunities to work across many areas and with different people.

We are hiring 2-3 engineers to become the first members of Runn's US timezone engineering team. The rest of the engineering team is spread across New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

At Runn we currently have about 10 staff working in the US timezones in Customer Success, Marketing, Product and Sales.

As engineers in our US timezone, you’ll also be expected to jump on occasional calls and provide support to customers in our North American timezone.

We recognise that soft skills are just as important as intricate technical knowledge and we try to build our team with a mix of both. We want people who are willing to empathise with our customers and give them the best experience. If you feel limited at your current job, we want to talk to you.

Because we are a remote company, communication is a vital skill. We prefer people that over-communicate and are willing to respond quickly. Much of what we do is over Slack and we want to see your personality come through when you write.

If you're someone who excels at producing high-quality work and is dedicated to delivering positive outcomes for customers, you'll fit right in with our team. We believe in setting high standards for ourselves and we're always looking for ways to improve and grow.

What’s it like working at Runn?

Runn follows the Shape Up methodology with some modifications that work better for our unique team.

You’ll work in 8 week cycles, which includes 6 weeks of project work, followed by 2 weeks of self-directed cooldown time. Before each cycle starts, the upcoming work is shared with the engineering team, and engineers can put their hand up to work on projects of their choice.

Each project team is made up of 3 people. 2 engineers and 1 product designer, with the explicit goal of having a releasable feature at the end of the 6 week cycle.

We currently have 7 streams of work each cycle:

  • 4 product streams which work on significant new product features
  • 1 rapid response / support stream which focuses on any customer issues, bug fixes and UX improvements.
  • 1 special ops stream which focuses on small quick wins, and one-time projects
  • 1 internal stream which focuses on improving internal process and tooling

Our entire team is async, and you may work with someone who has a 12hr time difference from you. It’s up to each team to decide the best way to communicate, whether that’s fully async, or if they occasionally have scheduled calls to discuss ongoing work. Flexibility is key.

Runn the company

Runn’s vision is “a world where neither time nor talent is wasted”.

Runn empowers leaders to run dynamic and impactful organizations

Through real-time workforce management, we unleash talent within organizations and their broader networks. By aligning each person’s capabilities, capacity, and interests with the specific needs of every initiative, we help build teams that are not only the right fit but also highly engaged and effective at achieving great outcomes.

Our current primary product provides a project and resource management platform for large organisations to manage their upcoming projects and workforce. We have a commitment to putting people first in our product, with a focus on creating well planned projects that bring the right team of people together to deliver projects on time while looking after the team’s time.

We have a strong focus on user experience and design, and keep true to our values of Beauty, Excellent, Adventure and Transparency.

We of course use Runn internally with our team of ~50, while also having Fortune 100 companies with thousands of staff being managed and planned in Runn.

Global Transparent Salaries

Runn has a transparent and equal pay policy, which means that all employees in the same role and level receive the same starting compensation regardless of location. We additionally pay people more the longer they stay at Runn. This policy ensures that all employees are treated fairly and equitably. Your final compensation will depend on your local tax laws.

Hiring Process

Roles at Runn are highly competitive with many applications applying for a few roles.

When applying you must include a cover letter/email in your application addressed to Rowan (Co-founder and CTO at Runn), this must include the level you are applying for, the country you currently live in, your experience, why you would like to work at Runn, and an example of something software related you’ve done and are proud of.

Any applications that do not include the above, do not currently live in the Americas, or are generated by AI will be rejected.

At Runn, we value your time just as much as our own. This is why we always ensure during our process you are spending 1-on-1 time with one of our team.

Interview Process

Our interview process is as follows:

  • Review of cover letter and resume
  • 15 minutes introductory video call
    • Just a chance to say hi.
  • 60 minute experience video call
    • We’ll ask you about your relevant experience.
    • There will be 15 minutes dedicated for you to ask any questions about Runn.
  • 60 minutes technical video call
    • We’ll ask you to share in detail an achievement you are proud of.
    • We’ll ask you a series of engineering related questions. These are general software engineering questions rather than specific code-related questions.
  • 180 minute pair-programming video call
    • We will build a project together in JavaScript.
    • This will be open-book, and a Runn employee will be there to give advice, help out and occasionally write code.
    • This should feel similar to pair programming we regularly do at Runn with each other.
    • For each open position, we’ll generally have 2-3 people reach this phase.
  • 60 minute meet the team interview
    • Chance for more of the team to meet you.
    • A final opportunity to ask all the hard questions to staff at Runn, and ensure it’s a place you want to join.

We understand this can be quite an intensive interview, and we’ll try to be flexible and accommodating to different needs, and customise our interview process based on what works best for our applicants. We also understand interviews can be stressful but we'll do our best to ensure you can show your best self!

Completing a deep interview process, often with many applicants, means we aren’t able to provide a definitive timeline. You should receive an initial response within 2 weeks, and the entire process generally takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. We do understand you may have other roles you are applying for, or other commitments, so please let us know of any timeline you have, and we’ll try to accommodate this.

Diversity and Inclusion

Runn believes that diversity and inclusion is important to running a successful business. We see differences in people and background as an asset to our organisation and are always looking for people who have different ideas and challenge our opinions.

Runn's overall team is 57% non-male, including 33% of our leadership team. Our engineering team is 31% non-male. We come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and have our own individual and diverse set of needs that Runn supports.

We encourage anyone from under-represented groups to apply, and we'll make our best effort to support your application process, including providing any special requirements and support you may need.

Staff Testimonals

Hyojin - Software Engineer

Andria - Software Engineer

Zoe - Product Strategist

Rowan - Co-founder / CTO
How do I apply?

This role is now closed. We are no longer accepting candidates.

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