Transparent Global Pay (TGP)

Local Pay Estimates

Quickly look up an estimate of your pay as an employee in local currency. All forms of retirement are paid on top of this amount.

If you country isn't listed, you can calculate it yourself by following the steps below.

Intermediate Senior I Senior II Senior III / Staff
Contractor (USD) 77,000 95,000 115,000 135,000
New Zealand 120,500 151,000 180,000 211,500
USA 60,000 77,500 94,000 112,500
Canada 93,000 189,500 143,000 169,500
Germany 60,000 77,000 93,500 112,500
Poland 283,500 356,500 425,500 500,500
Italy 52,500 66,000 79,000 93,000
Denmark 524,500 665,000 798,500 942,500
217,000 273,000 325,500 382,500
India 5,827,000 7,317,000 8,730,000 10,258,000

Calculating yourself

Unfortunately calculating it yourself isn't simple, but you can get a rough estimate using's calculator.

Select your country, select your position, enter the base amount in USD. You'll see a total that is above the base pay. Now edit and adjust until the "Total" is the same as the base pay. Then convert the base pay from USD to local currency. (Video Tutorial)


Runn’s Transparent Global Pay is based on two core principles:
1. All salaries at transparent and set, they are not negotiated on a case-by-case basis
2. Runn will spend the same to employ someone regardless of where they are in the world

The first part is relatively simple:
You will be offered a set salary, which Runn works to ensure is competitive. We regularly increase and adjust the base pay, and adjust it for all staff at once. We also provide automatically increase salaries for every year of service at level, the increase the same for all staff.

The second is more complex:
Runn will spend the same amount to employ you regardless of where you are from.

Depending on local mandatory taxes (e.g payroll tax, redundancy insurance, disability insurance) and benefit costs (superannuation, pension, 401k, health insurance), your salary will change. This means people from low tax countries with cheap healthcare will receive a higher salary than those with higher tax countries.

We offer two options for all employees, they can invoice us as freelancers, in which case they will receive the entire amount and they will be liable for all taxes. Or we can employ you through as a full-time employee, and your salary will be the advertised salary minus mandatory costs mentioned above. The standard benefits such as leave and 4 day work week in both cases remain the same.

All our jobs are advertised in USD with the base/freelancer amount. As it can be very difficult to calculate what the take home salary is in each country we have provided a list, in local currency.

This is an estimate, and final result will depend on exchanges rates at the time of contracts.

If your country does not appear, you can estimate on by following the guide above.

Before a job candidate goes through the interview process, they will be provided with their estimated salary in local currency.

Why Transparent Global Pay?

Runn has created our TGP structure to ensure that everyone working at Runn is valued equally.

We are unable to control the taxes in every country, and we don’t agree with people being paid less for the same work in different countries.

Therefore we controlled for the only factor we can, what it costs Runn to employ someone anywhere in the world.

Beyond fairness, the biggest benefit is it means Runn can employ people from anywhere in the world, without considering if they are from a high or low tax country. This means we when we interview people, the only thing we need consider is, “is this person the best person for the role?”

For employees, it means that you can move to another country and Runn won’t have to worry about if the cost to employ that person increases. 

For job applicants, they can each decide if pay is fair for them, based on their personal situation and local environment.

Unfortunately, some countries charge large tax, and this may mean won't be competitive in those countries. Alas, we can’t change local taxes, so we focus only on what we can change.

Transparent Global Pay