A robust tool to support a growing business

How Somar Digital use Runn to manage their growing team and workflow.

Strategy and expertise that gets results

Somar Digital is a fast-growing digital agency that provides UX Design, Web Development and Hosting services to a wide range of businesses and organizations throughout New Zealand.

Somar specializes in building websites that can deal with highly complex data but still provide a user-friendly experience, ensuring they add genuine value to both their clients and their customers. A great example of this is the website and app for Wellington’s public transport network - Metlink - that tens of thousands of commuters use and rely on every day.

Due to a growing reputation for delivering great outcomes at great value, in the last 18 months, Somar’s business has doubled in size as they continue to support their existing client base and build on it.

Streamlining studio operations

Previous to Runn, Somar was using a combination of spreadsheets and team management tools to track all of this information. This process was convoluted and time-consuming and made it challenging to accurately track capacity and utilization.

  • The Somar team works on 4-5 projects at a time, as well as hosting and support.
  • Some Somar staff work on more than one project at any given time.
  • It was challenging to use existing tools to accurately forecast project outcomes that would enable the team to proactively pivot on resourcing requirements.

We needed a software tool to help us accurately monitor and track our projects, teams and individuals to ensure we are delivering on our time and budgetary project goals.

Fiona Reid
Fiona Reid
General Manager

Company-wide visibility

Runn helped Somar take away the frustration (and pain) of using multiple spreadsheets and team project management tools by consolidating all of the information into one place so that they can accurately monitor and track their projects’ teams and people.

Powerful reporting to support business decisions

Along with being able to visually see the production timeline, Runn also generates detailed project and people reports, which give Somar the data necessary to work out budgets, resourcing, and forecast project profitability.

Delivering quality projects on time and on budget

Using Runn helps Somar track each staff member, what projects they’re working on, how much time they're spending on each project, and how much it costs for them to work on projects.

On any given day, I can see how our projects are tracking against their budget, evaluate their current and projected outcomes, which help me to see and then make any necessary changes sooner rather than later to ensure we hit our project goals.

Bridget Feierabendz

Bridget Feierabendz

Project Manager
Design Studio
, founded
15 staff, 2 project managers
Wellington, NZ
Favourite Runn features
Integration with WorkflowMax
Project variance reports
Real-time capacity analysis
Cost, revenue and profit reports
Reliable budget forecasts
Actuals vs planned analysis
Smart resource and capacity planning